Condom Ad Broadcasted in Africa

This Calvin Klein advertisement was banned in Australia. While it seems like any other ad you would find in the pages of various fashion magazines in the United States, Australia banned it because officials said it “promoted gang rape and violence.”

This condom advertisement was broadcasted in Africa. It is very amusing but also plays a big role in trying to help spread awareness of the AIDs problem them have going on in the country. The advertisement includes a good looking male and female walking down a crowded street towards each other. As the wind blows, the cover of the females umbrella blows away. To the rescue comes the handsome man who pulls out a pack of Trust Condoms and opens it up, only to put it over the umbrella. Not only is it trying to say to it’s viewers “use a condom,” it is insinuating to viewers how well endowed it’s African clientele must be. It has always been a cultural joke that Africans were “bigger” then most. Very amusing commercial!

By: Leah Knotoff


Porsche ads

These are some Porsche advertisements using sex theme. The best way to attract guys is definitely sexual appeal. Guys don’t really pay attention to ads and they know ads are only trying to sell whatever they promote. But, isn’t sexual theme certainly going to grab their attention? I’m not so sure about the first one but the second one is banned in many countries. These ones are effective in American or other European magazines but they can’t even be published in many Asian countries, except for Japan I believe. There was one Corona beer commercial featuring a girl groaning (it only shows her face and upper body but very suggestive of her having sex) which was published only in Japan but banned in many other Asian countries.

By Yenie Lee

Never Say NO to Panda

This commercial is brilliant. Pandas are cute, pandas are extinct – everybody loves them, period. Cute panda with evil intensions is even better))

Advertised Panda Cheese is produced by Egyptian company Arab Dairy. Cheese itself has absolutely nothing to do with panda (no panda milk in it and no panda was harmed in making this commercial). Hilarious and dark  – it appeals to every age group, except maybe for babies who probably don’t know that pandas are cute. 😉

The campaign was created by Advantage Marketing and Advertising and won the Silver Lion award in 2010 at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

by Tatsiana M

Korean KT mobile company commercial

This one is also hilarious!! “Olleh ” is like the company’s advertising slogan. It has a series of commercial like this. If you guys wanna see other ones, here is the link: I was going to upload this one but didn’t work. Enjoy! 🙂
I think this particular one shows a funny side of Korean culture, dad is happy to see his son going on a camp but nothing’s happier to see his wife going away with him! I think some countries with more strict and conventional culture might find it offensive, but it would work just fine in the US!? What do you guys think?

By Yenie Lee

Korean hot chocolate commercial: so funny!

>>>The guy in pink skiing gear says “did you come alone????” then later, “it’d been better for you to come with your girlfriend right ? huh? ”

>>>at the end: When cold wind hits you : Mitte (the name of hot chocolate) hot chocolate ~~~~

This is funny Korean hot chocolate commercial, it has no subtitle so I’ll give a brief explanation of the scenario.
So, this guy sees a girl wearing that pink ski outfits; from the back she looks beautiful with her long straight hair that should feel very silky if he only touches it. He follows her and gets on the lift together. She turns out to be a man.
This man with long hair is actually a famous guitar player in rock band in Korea. He’s been famous as a rock guitar player for a very long time so every Korean knows him and now he’s in funny Korean talk show, which makes this commercial hilarious as this silky long-haired girl turns out to be a rocker, who is also known to be funny. This commercial was a big hit in Korea, which also brought the company the first prize at TVCF AWARD 2010 (TV commercial award). I think this was successful because this man was well-known in Korea and famous to be as funny as other comedians. This is definitely showing the power of celebrity. But I believe even the people who don’t know him still find it funny because of the scenario itself.

By Yenie Lee

Cool Beer Commercial- Stephanie DeLeon


This video was banned because of the extreme sexual innuendos displayed. It promotes that cheating is okay within the same sex (in this case- a girl), video taping it, is even cooler and while your soo cool… top it off with some cold COOL beers. The man in the commercial at first seems upset, but then when he sees the girl he starts developing a smirk, and then when the video camera girl comes out he starts loosening his tie up. This sends a couple of wrong messages; to be cool drink beer (which is part of the company’s advertisement, the name of the brand is “Cool,”) and it is cool to be deceitful in a relationship as long as it is with the same sex which can potentially arouse the other partner as in the commercial. This is a straight forward selling technique utilizing the “sex sells” notion to promote the product- in this case Cool Beer

dolce & gabbana-stephanie deleon


In 2010 this Dolce and Gabbana ad was band due to an offensive message it evoked; the ad insinuated a gang rape and violence against women. In the ad, there is a male pinning down a woman by her wrists, with men in the background (waiting for their turn, so it seems) with their shirts off and a peeked interest on their face, as if getting ready to rape her. The ad was banned because it (in Italy) “offended the dignity of woman…the feminine figure is shown in a degrading manner,” ( Dolce & Gabbana has advertised sexual innuendos in their ads before to sell their high end luxury line.

In 2007, Dolce and Gabbana’s ad was banned for “breaching standards of good taste.” The ad had men waving knives around naked, glamorous styled women, in a gun scene photo shoot. It seems to me that D &G deems to sell fashion tied in with S & M; not surprising being that most people respond to sexual references. D & G takes it to a visual extreme, but eye- catching enough to awaken the consumer’s attention.

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