It’s Never Just HIV Ad

This HIV prevention ad for homosexuals ran here in the US in big networks and cable channels such as Logo. With the invention of HIV medication, now more than ever, the number of people having unprotected sex have been increasing significantly. It is true that in the homosexual community these numbers have been increasing in higher number and, in fact, a many of them are seeking to intentionally contract the virus, especially between the younger generation- some of them suffer from anxiety attack (they are so scared to get the virus that they just want to get the worry over and contract it), while others seek fluid bonding or think that there is a cure for HIV with the medication, among many other reasons. However, while it may be necessary to be aggressive when sending the message that HIV still has several implications, that people still die of related-diseases and that using protection is necessary, it may be insensitive to others in the gay community who caught the virus (maybe because their condom broke or other reasons), are honest about their status and use protection and are just trying to lead a normal life. I do think that this commercial may be aggressive and insulting to some people but it is necessary to send this kind of message considering the the high numbers of gay men seeking to purposefully contract the virus or having unprotected sex.

– Roberto Nishimura


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