Ikea: french commercial

This was a French Commercial for Ikea. I think for most of us, when we think Ikea, we think of affordable furniture, but still cute and chic. We tend to have a more family oriented vision of this brand. But when you watch this commercial, it is anything but family-time appropriate. If you had not read the Title before watching the Video, i’m sure most would not have guessed that this was a commercial for the Ikea brand that we  know in the US. The commercial begins like it would be for something more sex-oriented like condoms, or maybe a fragrance or even jeans, but after the make-out scene in the elevator, and the couple going into the room and kicking the one girl out, boom! “IKEA: solutions pour petits espaces” which means ‘Solutions for small spaces.’ It’s kind of hard to get the idea that Ikea is really the solution for small spaces from this commercial, but i’m assuming that this sort of advertising works in France where their viewers might need something sexy like this in order to grab their attention. I don’t think this type of commercial would work just anywhere. Even in the US. Yes, we tend to like the sexy commercials as well, but usually only when it relates or makes sense. I feel like if this commercial were to come out in the US, viewers would be left with the thought, “What, just happened?” or “What was that?” sort of response.

thank you

Yu Jae


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